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As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to the environment, Harvey Shopfitters set up Westwoods who have initiated, financed and sponsored a number of sustainability projects aimed specifically at improving woodland management, increasing the supply of British timber and improving the quality of British woodfuel products.



We are a not-for-profit organisation, offering knowledge, experience and advice to the woodfuel industry and Government bodies with the objective of encouraging sustainable woodland management and helping woodfuel suppliers and producers to meet the quality certification standards for woodfuel.

Grown in Britain

Westwoods works in close partnership with Grown in Britain and provide funding plus technical and administrative support.

Woodsure certification

Westwoods set up the Woodsure certification scheme to increase the quality of woodfuel by providing woodfuel consumers with a nationally recognised woodfuel quality assurance scheme. Woodsure is now incorporated and administrated by HETAS, the official body recognised by the Government to approve biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services.

Working with Government bodies

Westwoods have extensive experience in the woodfuel industry and constantly evolve to keep pace with this rapidly developing sector and we work with and advise Government bodies in all aspects of the woodfuel industry.


Advisory Services

Sustainable Woodland Management

Westwoods have knowledge and experience in best practices and operating models in Woodland Management and bringing unmanaged woodlands back under management to increase the quantity of British Timber and Timber products.

Westwoods are in the process of helping the Forestry Services make the necessary Woodland Management Plans simpler, easier and quicker to prepare as the approval process can be lengthy and costly to the Woodland owner.

Woodfuel Quality Certification

Westwoods have advised wood fuel producers and suppliers on how to meet the Government’s wood fuel quality standards consistently and reliably. Westwoods help by working out straightforward plan to match the producer’s organisation, resources and people with the Government’s quality standards. This is done by observing processes, getting involved and talking to staff and then making recommendations.
Westwoods have also advised Government bodies on improving and streamlining the wood fuel standards, policies and procedures.

Biomass Suppliers List

Westwoods have advised the Government in creating the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). The BSL is a list of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) eligible wood fuels. Biomass suppliers may register their wood fuels on the BSL. The BSL is administered by Gemserve on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Westwoods have been successful in a bid to administer the BSL in partnership with Gemserve.


Sustainable Woodland Management and Timber

Westwoods supports sustainable woodland-management and aims to increase the supply of British timber destined for use by local people and businesses.  The timber extracted can be used to heat our homes, to construct new buildings or for retailers to create wood products that shape our everyday lives.

We work closely with and support Grown in Britain to improve our woodlands for the environment, people, wildlife and our local economies.


Westwoods can provide advice, knowledge and experience in best practices and operational models in Sustainable Woodland Management and advise on how to bring woodlands back under management. An important element of this is the Woodland Management Plan and Westwoods are working closely with the Forestry Services to improve the process and approval for Woodland Management Plans by making them simpler, easy and quicker to prepare.

[ut_parallax_quote cite=”Westwoods Sustainability Services”]Wood energy is both sustainable, when derived from conscientiously managed woodland situations, and low-carbon, with new tree growth absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere equivalent to that used when burning wood fuel. It’s a virtuous cycle that can actually benefit the health and future of UK woodland[/ut_parallax_quote]

Woodfuel Quality Certification


Westwoods were responsible for initiating and implementing a woodfuel Certification scheme to check, test and ensure that suppliers and products meet the internationally recognised standards for wood fuel quality and the requirements that boiler manufacturers and installers specify. This scheme is now administered by HETAS

Advice on Certification

Westwoods staff now advise HETAS on Woodfuel Quality Standards and Best Practices for producers and suppliers to ensure that their woodfuel meets these Quality Standards consistently and reliably.


If you are a consumer and would like to find a product you can find a supplier here.

If you are a supplier wanting to get your product certified you can contact info@woodsure.co.uk.

Helen Bentley-Fox of Westwoods is a director of Woodsure and helped set up the scheme and still carries out audits for them.


Woodfuel ENplus audits


Quality Pellets

Secure a constant high pellet quality.


Support market development by the provision of a standardised fuel – one fuel quality for the whole world.


Control the entire supply chain for bulk pellets from production to end-user delivery, ensuring the pellets are not only produced to the right standard but also any subsequent transportation maintains the quality of the pellets


The scheme not only checks the fuel produced it also ensure that the companies producing or trading this product are assessed as competent to preserve the quality of the pellets.  This is done through both internal and external quality control.


Westwood’s Helen Bentley Fox has 5-years experience in this field and carries out ENplus audits for Woodsure’s clients, from pellet manufacturers to deliveries to the end-users – find out more here.


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